£88.00 GBP

Self-directed Vision ACTIVATION Planning Masterclass

My Very SPECIAL Activation MASTERCLASS is for YOU - If YOU are feeling buried in daily tasks and drained with being constantly busy and not getting anywhere with the artwork you WANT to be creating

I’m going to show you how to FEEL proactive  creative flow energy  and show you just how easy it is to move away from reactive overwhelm drain 

So that you can build space for the things you love, the artwork you want to create and find clarity for your next steps in your career direction!

Other creatives like YOU have made big shifts just in the first watch of the Masterclass! 

Feeling into bigger growth & creative confidence is now available to you. Start now


Duration: 90mins

+ Workbook full of resources & templates for success


In my first MASTERCLASS I'll be showing you, how to:

    • Shift your fear, anxiety mindset into a calm, fun and curious way of working
    • Break down big dream intentions into small achievable EASY daily tasks 
    • How easy it is to grow trust and self confidence in your ability to plan and deliver your own creative projects! It's SO easy! 
    • Own a system to grow, shape and work with at your own pace forever !!!