Client LOVE 


Over four exhilarating years of mentoring, I've seen incredible transformations. From corporate warriors unleashing their creative spirits to seasoned artists reigniting their passion – every journey is a tale of empowerment and transformation. Their style evolves, confidence soars, and ambitions reach new heights.
Dive into these inspiring stories from my clients. They're not just journeys; they're awakenings. Let their breakthroughs spark your own artistic renaissance!

''the mentorship has been LIFE CHANGING  and I feel a renewed sense of Optimism and Hope towards my future artistic endeavours”

Niki Watts,
painter, land artist and counselor, Canada

Claudine O'Sullivan


I’m now focused on my own vision and direction, full of creative energy to push my practice forward both personally and professionally.

Working with Jo in 1-2-1s sessions always energises me, no matter what stage I am in my creative workflow. I always feel comfortable to openly share what areas I'm struggling with and our chats always result in me feeling more balanced, with a clear plan of action. Jo's knowledge and insight is so valuable, I look forward to working with her again down the line.


Mish Maudsley

Mish shares her wins after 5 just months of mentoring

I have learnt powerful techniques for overcoming overwhelm  

- I have learnt powerful techniques for overcoming overwhelm, which was one of my biggest challenges. I can now plan, strategies and set goals in a calm, methodical way.

- I have grown a lot more comfortable with marketing, newsletters and self-promotion.

It has allowed me to see my strengths, identify my blocks, and has really improved my overall confidence.

I have increased my rate in my freelance design work.

- I have really identified my blocks and where my mindset needs shifting in order to step into my potential and really up my game.

- I had the confidence/drive and use a 2.5 month trip to Oz as a chance to travel as a professional artist for the first time. I subsequently painted my favourite mural to date, and started a new collection that embraced my love of travel.

I feel a lot more confident, capable & powerful in myself and as an artist.

- I have increased my rate in my freelance design work.

Jo’s advice on NFTS, Press and other aspects of the industry has really saved me many, many hours of research.

- I now have a valuable toolkit I can keep referring back to for many years to come.

I got into 2 new Art Galleries

''it’s not only about the ‘WORK’, it’s been to FIND MYSELF ''

Marine Connan


Paula Banche

Jo, through her experience as an artist and vibrant energy, has prompted me to face my creative blocks.

My career was at a point where I felt stuck due to insecurities and fears, this prevented me from having a clear vision of how to move forward with my career as an artist.

The first few weeks of mentoring have been a time of constant self-reflection, helping me to gain clarity and confidence in my work.

 She brings a fresh and accurate point of view of what I must do to grow as an artist.

Rebecca Feneley

Working with Jo has been one of the most valuable creative experiences I think I’ll ever have.

 In a relatively short time Jo has helped me understand exactly what I want from my creative career (things I may have never even considered or figured out at all), how to approach my goals, change my mindset, understand the creative market, use my time and so much more.

She has worked with me at my own pace the entire way, encouraged me when the hard work came around and made me realise that my dream creative career was truly possible. I cannot recommend working with Jo enough, she is a magic maker.


Marine Connan

I’m now working with a new accountant, my bank and people working with women's businesses, to launch my own company, my own brand and "chase my dreams".

All of this is because of you and because of what you gave me, the time you spent with me was so precious. Without you I may not have been able to have known what was wrong in my creativity, life and work life.

I didn’t know what to expect with you as it was the first time working with a mentor and it’s better than I expected, because it’s not only about the ‘work’, it’s been to find myself. We worked on what I can be as an artist.

I’m starting something really exciting. I am so grateful.



I feel a million miles away to the person I was at the beginning of the year.

It’s really strange. I don’t know, I just didn’t expect it! I didn’t expect that I would understand as much about myself at this point! I thought it would take me my whole life to understand what my work is all about. I would never had done this without you. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough!

Client WINS
1:1 Mentoring

"Working with Joanna has really helped me regain direction and focus in my creativity, the Creative Collective programme and 1:1 session has given me tools to use whenever I am feeling blocked or stuck with my work, which I have been putting into practice over the last few months.

 I have developed a deeper understanding of my drives and intentions, and see a clearer path for myself and my creativity. If you are feeling stuck creatively or unsure about your next steps, I really recommend working with Joanna."

Amy Brownlee

"I approach making new work more with intention

I can see now that the work is in the planning and have been able to put that into practice.

I have identified what usually derails a plan and how can I move myself through that

I understand my creative process so much better now and, for the first time, feel confident that I can make ambitious plans and see them through to the end!”  

Saskia van de Geest

''It gave me so much MOTIVATION. Jo helped me restart my artistic practice, and with the lessons I learned from her, I doubt I will ever be in creative block again!

Olya Krasavina


Castellar Montero


She has given me the tools to know myself better, to focus and concentrate on clear objectives in a world that is always in profound change.

 I am grateful for this great opportunity to meet Joanna, to let me humbly enter her world, where everything has a place and where only words exist, it is possible, you can do it, let's do it. I am a positive person but when you start in this world you need a guide to help you along the way and who better than Joanna!

Steven Johnson


Back in February 2021 I was feeling very much at a crossroads with my career - I felt stuck and didn’t know what to create or where I wanted to go with my illustration. I knew I needed to work through things but needed help.

I found ways to re-program and re approach and tackle projects with a new found optimism and sense of adventure, a sense of myself.