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Mid Career

Are you READY to move forward with clarity and direction to the next chapter of your CREATIVE career?


Feeling daunted by career expansion or pivoting? Educating existing clients and / or attracting new ones may seem overwhelming. But, larger, impactful projects are attainable.

This journey needn't be intimidating or solitary.

Join me to overcome limitations and envision the bigger picture. We'll create simple, enjoyable steps for business growth. I'm here to support you!

my UNIQUE STYLE of MENTORING is for YOU if ...


  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre passionate about what you bring to the table but are struggling to manage the business side of things and it's restricting your growth

  • ¬†‚ÄĒ You're¬†fed up of feeling stuck and¬†frustrated at¬†can't see the next steps forward

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You¬†are ready to call in¬†more¬†business¬†though unsure who your¬†aligned¬†clients are¬†

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre¬†ready¬†for accountability to take your ideas through¬†to completion

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You're READY to¬†be making more money from your¬†creativity but unsure how to take on bigger commissions and access clients


  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre ready to feel on top of things and feel more organised and capable so that you can¬†work more effectively¬†

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre mid-term career and need a fresh vision & strategy to create fresh work aligned with your values

  • ¬†¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre needing support reevaluating and repositioning to the next chapter of your career

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre often overwhelmed and you KNOW this can be easier

  • ¬†
  • ‚ÄĒ¬†You‚Äôre ready to feel¬†clarity, direction¬†and motivation

"she taught me how to do things from a position of POWER & CONFIDENCE...

... in order to talk to people in the right way, to sell myself properly. That was instrumental in having a SUCCESSFUL year and feeling PROUD of what I ACHIEVED last year. 

I HIGHLY highly recommend mentoring with Jo because she's absolutely brilliant!" Mish Maudsley, street artist & painter


my AREAS of specialism


This approach is holistic. Where we appreciate that all areas of our life supports a healthy and rewarding creative business. So energy, time management, female cycle awareness and planning, confidence inner work, communication & negotiation workshopping and strategy - are just a few of the areas we can cover


AS WELL as all the juicy practical, hands on industry support and business knowledge that support you to be your best future creative business powerhouse!


I work with many Neurodivergent artists though not exclusively. These include many late diagnosis ADHD and Autistic artists.



  • ‚ÄĒ Mid term career¬†clarity and confidence for next steps forward

  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Money confidence and growth through knowing your value

  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Repositioning¬†/ rebranding.Your marketing assets and how to present.¬†


  • ‚ÄĒ Relationships that convert into sales across the board.¬†

  • ‚ÄĒClient negotiations &¬†commissioning tools¬†

  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Communication managements, pipelines and automations



  • ‚ÄĒ Being in¬†UNIQUE voice, know who you are and what you do

  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Pitching to press & Media, your story your angle.¬†

  • ‚ÄĒ Being out in the world, who are your advocates and community to help you rise?



  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Folio crits, focus and creating work that supports your value and mission!

  • ‚ÄĒ¬†Build¬†your UNIQUE¬†story through your work and message

  • ‚ÄĒ Your statement, bio, proposal, pitch and funding¬†applications.


"this journey was MASSIVE, Jo helped me figure out who I wanted to be as an ARTIST...

I'd kind of fallen out of love with freelance and the creative work I was doing, I felt just utterly lost"

Two years later and I'm still looking back on the work we did together and still feeling the ripple effect of it all. Laura Hope, now multi-award winning exhibiting fine artist



I had something like 100 unfinished pieces that were never going to see the light of day or dealt with, ever. Because I didn’t trust myself then to complete anything and you DID help me with that enormously because ALL of those things I now USE and have now completed!

- Fiona

It was one of the best decision I took, It was a real game changer in my life, not only as an artist, but as a human being too, Jo gave me many tools to help me everyday and I used them to find my path.

- Marine

It’s like I did a 6 month mentorship/motivational/therapy session in one. Each session breathed new enthusiasm and passion. I highly recommend!

- Steven

I feel myself today. I can feel it everyday. There is still work to do, but you gave me many tools to pursue my goals.

- Marine

In a relatively short time Jo has helped me understand exactly what I want from my creative career (things I may have never even considered or figured out at all), how to approach my goals, change my mindset, understand the creative market, use my time and so much more.


I cannot recommend working with Jo enough, she is a magic maker.

- Rebecca


I feel more empowered, I launched my company, I’m starting a brand to sell many accessories based on my designs which I was thinking for many years but due to my impostor syndrome I didn’t do until now. I’ve definitely changed and many people told me that I feel more radiant, more confident. 


I feel a million miles away to the person I was at the beginning of the year. It’s really strange. I don’t know, I just didn’t expect it! I understand why I’m making the work. Everything now, just makes sense.

- Rebecca

When I first started working with Joanna, I was painting house portraits, it felt forced, uninspiring and I kept wanting to stop. But I did not want to stop painting, so I kept on doing them. Finally, from the first session with Jo, I learned so much about myself, and who I have become. We organized my thoughts, my inspirations and all of the sudden my whole life made sense, everything that I have ever done came together in my new idea, my new obsession, my art.

It gave me so much motivation. Jo helped me restart my artistic practice and with the lessons I learned from her, I doubt I will ever be in a creative block again!


It was truly a wonderful and personalised experience that left me feeling energised and more creative. Recommended wholeheartedly!

- Jennifer

I’m owning myself. I’ve told people how I feel completely differently about myself through this learning - Holly

I just feel like I get all my work now! Oh my god. I just did not know that nearly all of my work is channelling this! So the idea of approaching a brand doesn’t seem as scary anymore because I now understand what I’m offering them. This is so NICE!

- Rebecca

I feel more motivated and confident after our energizing and encouraging conversations and now, I could see my works from a viewpoint that I've never seen before. 


I have developed a deeper understanding of my drives and intentions, and see a clearer path for myself and my creativity. If you are feeling stuck creatively or unsure about your next steps, I really recommend working with Joanna.

- Amy 

I understand my creative process so much better now and, for the first time, feel confident that I can make ambitious plans and see them through to the end!

- Saskia 

So since these few weeks, I’m working with a new accountant, my bank and people working with women's businesses, to launch my own company, my own brand and "chase my dreams". I am so grateful.

- Marine


"I have a lot OWED to Jo for this whole new body of work that I'm launching now at the moment....

Working with Jo has helped me to kind of push through a personal block

I'd lost my creative spark a bit, everything in my life had changed. And I think my work needed to change too, Jo gave me the confidence to kind of explore this"

Claudine O'Sullivan, established illustrator, artist & AOI Mentor.


I work with ambitious CREATIVE women, like YOU


Some of the amazing creative women I have had the pleasure to work with are:  

Photographers, Ceramists, Architects, Street Artists, Performers, Theatre Producers, Creative Directors, Jewelers, Graphic Designers, Muralists, Writers, Poets, Painters, Fashion Designers, Fine Artists, Illustrators.... the list goes on.


Ready to take the leap? Click the link below to answer a few questions. I'll be in touch as soon as possible and we can find out if we're the right fit and explore how we can work together.




I got into 2 new Art Galleries!
I feel a lot more confident, capable and powerful in myself and as an artist.

I have really identified my blocks and where my mindset needs shifting in order to step into my potential and really up my game.

I have learnt powerful techniques for overcoming overwhelm, which was one of my biggest challenges. I can now plan, set goal in a calm, methodical way. 

I have learnt how to connect more deeply with myself and reflect that in my art and my life. 



It‚Äôs not only about the ‚Äė'work'', it‚Äôs been to find myself!

 I’m now working with a new accountant, my bank and people working with women's businesses, to launch my own company, my own brand and "chase my dreams".

All of this is because of you and because of what you gave me, the time you spent with me was so precious. 

I didn’t know what to expect with you as it was the first time working with a mentor and it’s better than I expected.

I’m starting something really exciting. I am so grateful.



I’m now focused on my own vision and direction, full of creative energy to push my practice forward both personally and professionally.

Working with Jo in 1-2-1 sessions always energises me, no matter what stage I am in my creative workflow. I always feel comfortable to openly share what areas I'm struggling with and our chats always result in me feeling more balanced, with a clear plan of action.

Jo's knowledge and insight is so valuable, I look forward to working with her again down the line.


Let's make this

Your Day ONE.

Not one day... 

Ready to step into your creative power? 

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"I have INCREASED my rates by 50% ... there's no other investment that will get you that kind of return on your money ..

... than investing in yourself and in a mentor like Joanna

Imagine where you could be with your art with a tailored fit plan to your practice, process and business. I am miles away from where I first started, and I can't recommend working with her enough" Sarah Harris, fine artist and illustrator